Karin Bruers

Karin is an activist, full-time, she cannot help it, she lives by principles. She finds rules and laws for the stupid, lazy for those who have something to hide. Keep thinking for yourself is her motto because sometimes you are allowed to do things by law, but that doesn't make sense or vice versa.

It's simple for Karin, you don't want some things, you can't and you don't. "Are there any questions about this?"

In all her work, whether on stage or in her columns, books, lectures or other work, she is straightforward, short through the curve, from the heart and if you care about all the hassle, your mistakes and misery yourself can't smile then she will.

She doesn't always make friends with it, but you do win a war with it.


At the Fair

22 jul

A summer in my youth was a swimming subscription and fair money and if you had that you could not break summer. I have never been so rich as at those moments when I got my fair money in my hands. I could count that ten times in a day, lay it wide on my bed and do a thorough study of how I was going to spend the money. Anyway a very big leak, trying to get our mother into the Hoogaatie, in the "Meez'nallen" with all of them, that was the Octopus thing, and the caterpillar. I never bought cotton candy because everyone would take some fluff off of it and I would have a bald stick myself.

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